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"Gina is an extraordinary communicator.  She currently teaches empowerment classes for our residents, and we are thrilled that she is equipped with such relatable skill sets! Gina has become a voice of empowerment for our women in transition!”

Wanda Crawford - Case Manager, Precious Life Shelter

"Working with Gina has been great! She always kept her appointment times, arrived early and prepared, and was eager to support our at-risk students."

Tempa Davidson, School Counsellor, El Camino Real High School

Passionate About Inspiring Others

Gina is passionate about sharing her programs and services and believes in paying it forward. As an at-risk teenager, she struggled to overcome the odds stacked against her. Gina was a teen mom and has devoted most of her adult life to sharing her life experiences of struggle and growth to bring awareness about the importance of self-love, personal growth, emotional healing, and good mental health. She is often associated with community volunteer opportunities that are aligned with empowering the vulnerable population of at-risk families. 

Gina has also been affiliated with ministries, nonprofit organizations, continuation high schools, social services, and other groups that support at-risk moms and their children. In fall 2019 she was featured in VoyageLA magazine, and was recognized as a trailblazer in her profession. 

What They're Saying

"Gina is passionate about lifting others up, teaching from her life experiences, and encouraging personal growth through education."

Honey Pfleger, Assistant Director, George T. Pfleger Foundation

"Gina is a gifted communicator and taught her class in a style that young women could understand."

Kim Fabrizio, BSN, RN, Care Pregnancy Resource Center

"I met with Gina to help gain control of my life. She helped me own my truth. Now I am starting to love myself more. Many doors have opened up for me, but the most important is opening my heart and learning to accept myself."

Maria - Mentor Meetup Client

gina colin mentor as featured on voyagela

Find out more about Gina's story and experience in this article on the VoyagaLA blog

“I met Gina as a facilitator and I really appreciate her style.  She never talks down to us or forces us to share difficult parts of our lives. She shares her journey in the hopes that it will help at least one girl in the room. I was completely elated when she was paired to be my mentor!  Gina is a real person who shares hope and solutions by sharing her own struggles and how she overcame them.”


Lindsey Hayden - Precious Life Shelter resident